Junior High

High School



Book Battles

Advisor:  Karen Hildreth








Advisor:  Steven Butler

Schedule:  Meets on Tuesdays 3:30-4:30

Chess Club members


Canyon Creek Firebirds won Third Place in the Canyon Creek Chess Tournament on January 19, 2019.  One fourth grader led the team by winning all of his matches and winning an individual trophy for taking second place in the 3/4 grade section! Team members also won 3 individual trophies in their respective grade levels.  Congratulations to all who participated and to their coach, Mr. Steven Butler.


Advisor: Andrew Webb

Advanced Coding Club meets on Tuesday and Beginning Coding Club meets on Friday.


Advisors: Mrs. Soriano, Mrs. Sipos. & Mr. Midget

Schedule: Thursday 3:30-4:45

Canyon Creek Drama Club Presents: Hercules

Zeus and Muses
Cast of Hercules at the opening of the play celebrating Zeus
Hercules searching for where he belongs with Muses and the Gods
Hades and her minions, Death, Taxes, and Mayonnaise
Hades with her Minions (Death, Mayonnaise, and Taxes) talking to the Fates
Gods on Olympus discover that Hercules has been taken
Hercules Cast
Hercules meeting the Centaur
Hercules meeting Pegasus
Hercules fighting the Hydra
Hercules fighting Hydra, Hades with minions and Titans
Hercules on a date with Megara
Hercules and Meg dancing
Hercules cast with Olympus falling to Hades

The Directors

Mr. Midget, Mrs. Sipos, and Mrs. Soriano


Advisors: Mrs. Soriano, Mr. Midget, and Mrs. Sipos

Schedule:  Tuesday 3:30-4:30


Advisors: Mr. Alberto Herraez, Mr. Mario Herraez, Mrs. Hulet, and Mrs. Baker


Student Council

Advisor: Lynette Bodell



Advisor:  Steven Butler, a Level III certified ukulele instructor through the James Hill Ukulele Institute.

Email:  sbutler23@comcast.net

Schedule:  Mondays, 3:30-4:30 PM

We will learn Christmas and other holiday music culminating with a program at the school in December.

Limited to the first 30 students who sign up.

December 2018 Ukukle Concert

Students playing the ukulele
Students playing the