Celebrating Kindness, Spring 2018

Canyon Creek student body in a heart on field.

2020-2021 Yearbook Cover Contest Entries

Painting of the school and a firebird outlined in orange and yellow.  2020-2021
Blue Background with %22Kindness Begins with me 2020-2021%22
Painting of the school with 3 people outside wearing masks and 6 ft apart
Drawing of a Firebird below Title Canyon Creek Elementary, Kindness Begins with me
Crayon drawing of red firebird and black computer. We help each other soar
Drawing of children surrounding the world .  %22Canyon Creek Elementary 2020-2021, Kindness Begins with Me%22
Firebrid fliying down to a next in a tree with 3 baby firebirds
Drawing of the world with children surrounding the world.  %22I love you Canyon Creek%22
Computer drawing of a firebird above %22Kindness begins with me%22
Ways to be kind, talk with someone new, use kind words, include everyone, In a World where you can be anything be kind
Drawing of a Firebird and the school
%22Canyon Creek%22 written in bubble letters with little harts and masks inside.
2 students holding a hart standing on the Earth, drawing of a firebird %22Kindness begins with Me%22
Angular computer drawing of a firebird.  %22See us Soar%22 on the top of the page, 2020-2021  Canyon Creek Elementary on Bottom
Drawing of a firebird, the sky with clouds, green hills.
Drawing of a Firebird and the school
Crayon drawing of Canyon Creek Elementary
Kindness begins with  Me (Me is written in multiple languages in conversation bubbles)
Drawing of a Firebrid with red, orange, yellow surrounding it.
Drawing a Firebird above the words %22Canyon Creek 2020-2021%22
Drawing of the school, students, and numbers
Computer drawn firebird above a drawing of the school.  Kindness begins with me on top of the picture
Drawing of a firebird, Canyon Creek 2020-2021
Drawing of a firebird in a tree, Together we will soar.
Canyon Creek Elementary 2020-2021, Kindness beings with me.  with a orange, red, yellow firebird
Fire background, Kindness begins with me Canyon Creek 2020-2021
Canyon Creek Elementary Firebirds, 2020-2021, Kindness begins with me.  Curvy background
Water color painting of students and hearts, bird flying with banner %22Kindness begins with Me%22
A big heart in the sky above the school
Firebird in a tree %22Canyon Creek Elementary%22
Drawing of the school with 2 firebirds, kindness begins with me
Drawing of a firebird above flames, Canyon Creek Elementary Firebirds written on the firebird
Computer drawn picture of an orange firebird with %22Kindness begins with Me%22 on it in red
Drawing of Canyon Creek on a facemask
Computer drawn flaming firebird, Canyon Creek Elementary Kindness begins with me
Fiery firebird, Canyon Creek Elementary
Water color painting of a Firebird above the words We Are Awesome
Drawing of a girl wearing a mask.  Just Because we are wearing a mask doesn't mean we can't exceed at every task
Drawing of a firebird above %22Kindness begins with me%22
Drawing of the Delicate Arch with people surrounding it holding hands
Drawing of a firebird colored in red fading to yellow.  2020-2021 on bottom also fading from red to yello
A drawing of a firebird with a mask in its beak above a fire
Drawing of 2 students in front of the school making friends.
2020-2021 Canyon Creek above a drawing of the school
Drawing of the school with students outside
Red, orange, yellow squares.  2020-2021 Canyon Creek Elementary written in a big yellow square in the middle
%22Survive and Thrive%22 written above a drawing of firebird